Bangabandhu,s Family in 1971 for English technology in 2022

it was the night of 25th March 1971 there was a fool of cuties at bangabandhu is home at the dhanmondi road number 32 throughout the day bangabandhu sheikh mujibur Rahman.

and his family member cold ever and that sometime tag was going to happen was out of home for meaning very cads against the Pakistan army who had been killed people and this criminal that night bangabandhu dejected to send the girl o

the family to a safer place for the night and he gap their responsibility to his son in wazed Mila bangabandhu is sheikh hasina who was expecting a baby soon along with her sister and her cousin haridwar sen

t to a house at road number 15 dhanmondi for that night bangabandhu’s wife begum Street with him.

just before bangabandhu send the delay correction of Independence to Mr johur Ahmed choudhary at the darkest part of the night the Pakistan army 

show around his arm and start fitting darkest part of that night Pakistan solution edited bangabandhu mass and he asked them to stop birds on the was interested to get ready to go with them music

 to do and her to go with her children however believe supportive wife of the great leader

sohar live she sonpur apartmental state continuity the and of the year the next day begam mujeeb had to live house number 32 with her children and other member of our home doing the next couple mont

so far the family member we are not about bangabandhu kondination suddenly they come to know that he was elevaned had been taken to Pakistan begum movie wasted keep to contact with leg leder