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Benefits of drinking water

 Our body contains 70% water. Our body cells made up with protoplasm. Which is made by 90% of water.

If we don’t drink water enough then our body will be in danger. For real we will be in danger. If we don’t drink enough water we will became dehydrated.

Then we will be affected by  many types of diseases . Such as dehydration, constipation, low blood pressure, digestion problem , dizziness, minimize physical performance , significantly affect energy level and brain function etc.

So, we should eat enough water. It will help us live our life healthily and happily. I will tell some benefits of drinking water. 

1. It carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells. If we don’t drink water we will have short of oxygen in our body cells.

2. It flushes harmful bacteria from our bladder. If we don’t drink enough water our bladder will affected by stone.

3. Water helps in digestion process. In digestion process we need a lot of water. Or else we will suffer from constipation or acidity problem.

4. It regulates body temperature.

5. It maximize Physical performance and also increases motivation.

 6. If we suffer from extreme headache drinking water can reduce headache and also prevent headache.

7. It also helps to treat initial formation of kidney stones.

8. It also helps to lose your weight. If we drink enough water our digestion system works properly that’s why we lose our weight so easily.

9. Most importantly, If we became dehydrated our face became wrinkled and dull. Don’t feel energetic at all.

10. It also lubricates our bone joints. So that we can move easily.

11. It also makes saliva and mucus. It moist our eyes mouth and nose.

Finally, we can tell that we can’t live without water. That’s because, another name of water is life.
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