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Dealmaster: Eufy’s smartest door lock is now on sale Reviews


Eufy’s home security products are on sale, with several discounts across a wide array of smart home accessories, including door locks, cameras, and doorbells. One of my favorite items from the company is a smart door lock that combines three products in one, and it’s now discounted by 15 percent.

The Eufy Security S330 integrates a fingerprint keyless entry door lock, a smart lock that can be accessed via your phone or keypad, and an integrated smart doorbell with a chime and camera to detect visitors at your front door. The S330 isn’t at the lowest price we’ve ever seen, but it still knocks $53 off the cost of this all-in-one front door smart home accessory. If you don’t need a three-in-one lock, Eufy also sells standalone smart deadbolts, doorbells, and cameras at various prices.

Eufy Security products for your front door

  • Eufy Security S330 Smart Video Lock for $297 (was $350) at AmazonEufy’s S330 is more than just a smart deadbolt for your home. This Wi-Fi-connected lock integrates a fingerprint reader for easy access, a smart doorbell with a 2K camera to monitor your front entryway, and a keypad with chime. A traditional key can also be used to access your home. One of the nicest things about Eufy compared to some competitors is that no subscription is required to access these smart features, including video recording and live feeds. You can store your video footage locally on a memory card in the included doorbell chime.
  • Eufy Security C210 Smart Lock for $100 after coupon (was $140) at Amazon: If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the Eufy Security S33 and would prefer a simpler smart lock, the C210 is a deadbolt with a keypad on the front, a key slot for traditional access, and Wi-Fi connectivity that eliminates the need for a hub or bridge. Eufy promises access to your home in five different ways, including through the Eufy Security app, the keypad or a physical key, your Apple Watch, or Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Eufy Security Dual Camera Video Doorbell for $150 after coupon (was $200) at Amazon: Eufy’s Dual Camera Video Doorbell sets itself apart from the competition with its dual-camera setup designed to deter porch pirates. This model comes with a traditional forward-facing 2K camera to check for visitors and alert you when someone is at the door, but it also includes a bottom-mounted camera that’s ideally placed to monitor packages and notify you if you have a delivery. It’s perfect for online shoppers.
  • Eufy Security Video Doorbell (Battery) for $80 after coupon (was $100) at AmazonFor those who prefer simplicity, this video doorbell is battery operated, meaning you won’t have to mess with wiring inside your home, and it comes with an FHD 1080p resolution camera. While affordable, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell comes with AI-driven features that will detect if there’s a human presence at your door. Eufy also includes a wireless chime in the package.

Eufy Security cameras and other smart accessories

Eufy's camera footage is stored locally, but with the right URL, you can also watch it from anywhere, unencrypted. It's complicated.
Enlarge / Eufy’s camera footage is stored locally, but with the right URL, you can also watch it from anywhere, unencrypted. It’s complicated.

If you already have a working front door security system, you may want to consider Eufy’s other smart home security products, which are also on sale.

  • Eufy Security Garage Control Cam with Sensor for $78 after coupon (was $98) at Amazon: If you haven’t upgraded to a smart garage door opener, this smart retrofit lets you open and close your garage door from your smartphone, remotely check to see if the garage door is closed, and monitor activity inside your garage with a camera. As with Eufy’s other smart home products, a subscription isn’t required.
  • Eufy Security EufyCam 3 (4-pack) Outdoor Camera for $680 (was $800) at Amazon: One of the priciest Eufy Security bundles we’ve spotted, the EufyCam 3 comes in a four-pack and includes some of the company’s most advanced features. While the camera can be recharged via a USB-C connection, the built-in solar panels mean you won’t need to take the cameras down to replenish their batteries if they’re mounted in a sunny area. A connected home base helps keep everything in sync, and there’s a slot for SSD or HDD for virtually unlimited expandable storage. The self-learning AI can help identify and recognize familiar faces compared to strangers, while 4K resolution gives you crisp details, even in low light.
  • Eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 for $130 after coupon (was $220) at Amazon: This weatherproof home security requires outdoor wiring, so you may need professional installation if you purchase this model. However, if you need to secure your home with an outdoor 2K camera and lighting, the Floodlight Cam 2 delivers up to 2,500 lumens of brightness when its motion sensor is triggered. The bright light helps the camera capture more details and even record in color at night. The built-in siren can also be triggered to scare off intruders.

Things to consider

Eufy’s cameras are a great solution for those who don’t want to pay a recurring monthly fee to access their devices’ live feeds or recordings. This makes the cameras a more affordable long-term proposition, but they’re not without their own limitations.

For starters, like rival Ring, Eufy also recently found itself embroiled in controversy. The company’s implementation of local storage for video and photo files captured from its cameras mitigates subscription costs for cloud storage, but these files can easily be accessed by hackers using a brute-force method, a claim the company subsequently confirmed. When issues surrounding the company’s cybersecurity practices came to light, Eufy was forced to admit its shortcomings, and it planned changes for the future.

How this affects you as an owner or potential owner of Eufy Security’s cameras will vary based on your risk tolerance, where you intend to mount your camera, and if you believe the company has been sincere in its responses.

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