Housecall Pro vs Launch27 2023 Feature-by-feature Comparison Reviews

Housecall Pro vs Launch27

How does Housecall Pro compare to Launch27? To get the best Project Management Software package for your company, you must first evaluate all of the many options available to your company. If you want to keep things as easy as possible, you may match their characteristics to those listed in a table like the one above. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how each product functions. Field Force Automation software selection can be a complicated procedure for anyone to get through. However, choosing home service software that meets your needs will make a significant difference in how efficiently your business runs. Please take a look at the specific features of Housecall Pro and Launch27 before we compare the two programs.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro helps professionals with all areas of their everyday work life, such as scheduling jobs, maintaining a customer database, processing invoices, and payments, and dispatching technicians. It also offers accessibility to the Housecall consumer booking app, which completely integrates with the system.

Housecall Pro is a full-service application that enables service providers to run their entire business from their smartphone and linked online portal, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer. With a competitively low price, this application assists service professionals with all parts of business workflow, including QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration, job scheduling and customer database management, invoicing and payment processing, and technician dispatch. It also includes access to the Housecall consumer booking app, which fully integrates with the system.

Using Housecall Pro, small businesses may compete on an even playing field by providing cutting-edge tools at the lowest possible cost. This software is best suited for companies with between one and thirty workers. It saves time and money and serves as a customer remarketing tool with the ability to, on average, quadruples the number of tasks obtained by the service professional in the future. With more than 30 vertical products for home service requirements, there is something for everyone.

When it comes to organizing your business, Housecall Pro is by far the most user-friendly tool available. Because of this comprehensive tool, experts may offer their customers something that their competitors cannot provide. Housecall Pro enables organizations to transition from pen and paper to digital workflows, hence optimizing their operations and workflows. In addition to being cost-effective, it also supports small enterprises in efficiently transferring and importing their existing client databases.

Housecall Pro features:

HouseCall Pro has the following beneficial features:

SMS Notifications That You Can Customize

Using Housecall, you can send personalized SMS notifications to your clients and consumers. A wonderful method to keep your customers informed during the entire process is to use this technique.


When using Housecall Pro, generating estimates is intuitive and straightforward. The estimate creation screen appears after a single click on the “New” button. You can enter the customer’s information, the line items to be included, and the timetable to be followed to generate the estimate.

Various payment methods are available within the application:

With Housecall Pro, you can receive payments from customers using cash, credit cards, and cheques right from the application. When the user clicks on the “Pay” button, they take you to a page with the available alternatives. For example, if you want to pay with your credit card, you must scan it and confirm your details before completing the transaction.

Tracking of Time

Time monitoring allows you to keep track of the exact amount of time you spend on a particular project. This goes a long way toward guaranteeing that a client does not have an invoice for more or less than the job completed. In addition, turning on or off the time tracker is as simple as clicking a button.


All of the required information is on display in a single location on the dashboard, serving as the application’s main page. This includes time tracking, reports, estimations, bills that have been paid, overdue invoices, and online booking, among other things.



This sleek and robust online booking allows potential consumers to buy their maid services straight from the company website, eliminating the need for them to visit a third-party website. Every aspect of the booking engine may seem to fit your existing housekeeping website, and it can be linked in a matter of seconds, providing consumers with a seamless purchasing experience from beginning to end. The Launch27 platform also includes a built-in calendar that displays open jobs and appointment times. At the same time, the onboard analytics allow you to fine-tune your cleaning services with various add-ons to achieve exceptional conversion rates.

Briefly stated, it eliminates the requirement for providing quotes in person or over the phone. It’s also a more convenient and user-friendly approach for your clients, which means your conversion rates may keep rising while you have more time on your hands. That means you can spend more time doing what you do best—cleaning homes and businesses and expanding your business—while still making a good salary.

You’ll also be delighted to know that Launch27 pays special attention to the comments of our fantastic users and that they are continuously developing improvements based on your suggestions.

Launch27 Features

Online bookings for your website

Online booking that is professional and encourages trust and confidence is available. Clients may book appointments immediately on your website with Launch27’s elegant online booking form, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • copy and paste a few lines of code into any web page to get it up and running.
  • Design that is user-friendly on mobile devices
  • Make color and font choices that are consistent with your company’s overall look and feel.
  • You may customize the form by adding custom fields and rearranging parts however you want.
  • Do you require additional customization? Their API allows you to design bespoke booking forms that meet your specific requirements.

Instantaneous accessibility straight on your website

Customers can easily book their appointments. Customers may now view your accessibility in real-time and make service appointments without having to call you. To attract more clients searching for a more smooth online experience, it is necessary to improve the overall user experience.


Give each location you service a different price and schedule. Do you want to charge various fees depending on where a customer is? In Launch27’s booking form, the zip/postal code of the client to determine what costs and appointment times to offer them.

Appointments regularly

Increase the number of one-time clients who become regular appointments. Booking recurrent appointments with clients are essential to the success of any company’s growth strategy. It is possible to offer discounts depending on how frequently customers book with Launch27. This gives customers an additional reason to continue using the service.

Integrate with your favorite third-party applications.

Reduce the amount of work you do and save time. For example, it is possible to save time and be more productive by integrating Launch27 with the following applications:

  • Zapier is a tool for integrating with more than 750 different applications.
  • Stripe uses for credit card processing.
  • Revenue data sync with the QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Google Analytics for tracking conversions and web analytics
  • Sync your reservations with your Google Calendar.
  • Twilio is a service that allows you to deliver text message notifications.

Reminders for Appointments

Clients remind of future appointments by email and text messages. Using Launch27, you can automatically email clients appointment reminders to ensure they are aware of your continued presence and avoid wasted time due to no-shows.

Job Scheduler with Drag-and-Drop Functionality

When you use Launch27’s calendar or map views, you can see all of our open jobs and assign them to your team members as needed.

Dashboard for Analytical Reporting

Determine how well you’re performing and where you can make improvements. Launch27’s dashboard displays sales and client growth patterns, as well as the most popular services and client retention rates to assist you in growing your business.

Self-Service Portal for Customers

Business Development without Expanding Support, copy and paste the booking form onto your website, and you’ll be ready to accept online reservations in no time. Again, there is no requirement for coding or developers.

Clients can access their bookings, manage them, change their credit card information on file, and establish new bookings with a single click.

Let’s look at a complete comparison of Housecall Pro vs. Launch27

Comparison between Housecall Pro and Launch27
Housecall Pro Launch27
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In addition to time tracking and customizable SMS notifications, the cutting-edge invoicing system Housecall Pro offers a wide range of valuable functions. Apart from being a web application, it is also available as a smartphone application for Android and iOS operating systems. As a result, it’s a fantastic fit for organizations looking to improve their invoices and estimate efficiency.

When it comes to growing a business with Launch27, analytics are critical. A simple and powerful analytics dashboard can help you capitalize on possibilities and keep customers. When it comes to maintaining consumers, you can also set up regular appointments for individuals who have been with you for an extended period. Overall, it is a fantastic booking management solution for cleaning companies, as it integrates bookings, management, and reporting into a single system of record. It takes less than 10 minutes to get started, and it has the potential to transform your company.