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Morning work out usefulness

 Today, we all are busy with our work. We don’t have time to spend for ourselves. That’s why, we feel stressed, low-energy level, don’t feel happy etc. 

If we do work out or exercise twice a week at least we will be able to meet up with these problems. You can do exercise at any time in  24 hour day time. 

But a recent study shows that 10 people separately  exercised different time of the day. But result says that who exercise in the morning , his fat burn rate was higher than others.

Who wants to lose your weight ,he/she can start your work out journey in the next morning. 


  • You will get more energy for your entire day
  • Increase confidence level 
  • Boost up metabolism rate
  • For ‘endorphin’ you will feel happy, Because ‘endorphin’ is called ‘feel happy ‘ hormone
  • Make your better focus on daily work
  • Improve alertness by stretching your body organs
  • Reduce appetite by reducing appetite hormone called ‘ghrelin’
  • Control blood sugar
  • Control blood pressure
  • Reduce the chances of type -1 diabetes
  • Improve sleep cycle 
  • Increase overall working activity 

What should we eat before work out

  • Oatmeal with almond milk or cow milk
  • Peanut butter and whole grain bread
  • Protein shake with berry
  • Banana with whole grain bread

It will give you energy to do exercise properly. Or you can feel low energy level, feel hungry and also you can be fainted. 

If you want to lose your weight then you can take honey -lemon water/green tea/black coffee. It will help to concentrate on work out.
And also it will burn your fat faster. If you can’t hold your work out, then you can do work out twice a week.
Then make it into a bigger challenge slowly. It will help a lot.
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