ServiceTitan vs. ServiceFusion 2023 A Feature-by-Feature Comparison Reviews

ServiceTitan vs. ServiceFusion

Which of the two, ServiceFusion or ServiceTitan, is the better product? First and foremost, you must do a thorough review of the many Project Management Software packages accessible to you to pick one that is ideal for your business. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated; in fact, it may be as simple as matching their qualities in a table like the one below. Additionally, you may quickly gain a grasp of how each product performs and functions. It might be a challenging undertaking for any individual to locate the most appropriate Field Force Automation software that suits their distinct and intricate requirements. However, adopting home service software that matches your needs could significantly improve your firm’s efficiency. Before we get into the comparison, let’s look at the differences and similarities between Servicetitan and ServiceFusion.

ServiceTitan’s features

ServiceTitan is a feature-rich application. It has numerous powerful tools that you may utilize to take your organization to the next level in terms of productivity. Here are the four most significant aspects of ServiceTitan.


Scheduling and dispatch

The software will enable you to plan future jobs, and you may view these jobs months in advance to see where you have technicians committed. And it will assist you in ensuring that you don’t overload one professional while providing another short work.

The software manages to dispatch when the planned job comes. As well as providing flexibility and making it simple to drag and drop assignments, it allows you to respond rapidly to unforeseen situations, such as traffic delays or unexpected cancellations.

Call booking

The program will immediately populate with the customer’s information when a phone call comes into your firm, allowing you to identify who is calling before picking up the phone. It makes it much easier to set appointments and give consumers that personal touch.

The program also ensures that everyone who is calling can see the fields that must be filled in, and the menus of the download prevent the need for a large number of manual typing to drag out the schedule.


Field service is more than just dispatching technicians into the field and processing bills. ServiceTitan provides a Marketing Scorecard feature that allows you to design new marketing campaigns quickly and then analyze and alter them based on how well they perform. But, of course, you’ll also need to execute sales and marketing.

To calculate the return on investment for a specific marketing effort. This allows you to alter your marketing strategy to increase efficiency.

Field reporting

The software has robust reporting tools that create highly visual breakdowns of what is happening with individual technicians or with your business as a whole, depending on what level of detail you want to get into.

The reports are customizable, allowing you to choose which metrics to show. That’s important because different metrics matter more than others to various businesses, and you don’t want a one-size-fits-all solution here.

Service Fusion’s features

ServiceFusion provides the standard set of field service management functions, such as scheduling, billing and invoicing, and work order management. These features are intended to make the day-to-day tasks of running a field service firm more manageable and efficient.


Billing and invoicing

Service Fusion makes billing and invoicing simple. Creating an invoice is as simple as clicking a button at the very top of the Job screen.

You can send it right away by clicking the email button in the top taskbar after creating an invoice. In addition, invoices can be sent automatically once they’ve been made using the program’s pre-configured options.

Another thing you can check to see if your customer has opened the invoice email is whether or not they are lying when they say they haven’t received one, which may explain why it is taking them so long to pay you.

This function has the added benefit of allowing you to add more jobs to the invoice: Choosing Invoice in Service Fusion prompts you to choose whether you want to create an invoice for all completed jobs or just this one.

Both the desktop and mobile apps have invoicing capabilities.

Customer database

The customer database in Service Fusion has the same clean and uncluttered appearance as the rest of the system. When you click on a specific customer, you’ll be taken to a page with a wealth of information.

As well as the bare essentials (name, address, points of contact), you have the opportunity to enter information about the customer, such as a referral source, default currency (for QuickBooks integration), and even what kind of taxes are necessary for that customer.

Mobile app

Compared to the desktop version, Service Fusion’s mobile app offers a more streamlined, visually-driven design that ditches the desktop’s aesthetic.

Service Fusion’s app appears to have been developed with technology in mind instead of the desktop version’s capabilities, which often look like a paper day planner on a screen.

The program’s intuitive visual menu makes it straightforward for technicians to pick up. Simple enough that even technicians who are reluctant to learn new technologies may be encouraged by it.

Technicians will have an easier time managing a workflow with the app’s constant focus on visual design.

Adding a product or service to the invoice is straightforward if your expert discovers that a simple repair necessitates a more involved replacement.

Work order management

Service Fusion’s work orders can be easily created. When you click on the Create Work button, you’ll be taken to a new screen that displays various information about the job, such as the estimated duration and time window.

Adding notes and other information about a job is also lovely (although this is standard among similar software solutions).

The client name box has an excellent autofill feature in Service Fusion. Customers who are already in the system can simply start typing their name, and a list of those who match will appear for them to choose from.


The basic package of Service Fusion, like many other field service management applications, includes GPS tracking for your technicians. This lets you know where your technicians are at all times and gives you an update on their whereabouts regularly.

Service Fusion’s enhanced GPS tracking is available for an additional fee.

Instead of waiting for updates every few minutes, this beefed-up version of GPS tracking updates driver location and status every few seconds (as opposed to every few minutes) (for instance, it reports on sudden braking incidents).

Scheduling and dispatching

To make scheduling easier, appointments are color-coded in ServiceFusion’s calendar, so you know which ones are which.

List your field technicians on the y-axis (left side of the screen) and show them on the x-axis (day schedule in hourly increments). Scheduling users who like a simple interface would appreciate this screen.

Also, the dispatch screen has a simple design. Using it, you’ll be able to view which jobs are currently being worked on and sort them according to job number, date, or location, among other criteria.

There’s also a bird’s-eye perspective of your firm in the at-a-glance bar on the left side of the screen.

Let’s look at a feature-by-feature comparison of ServiceTitan vs. ServiceFusion

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HVAC software aids expanding businesses in simplifying, automating, and optimizing their regular processes by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. HVAC software with a sophisticated mobile application, automation tools, and customer relationship management tools should be sought. For those that utilize Quickbooks, ServiceFusion is a fantastic alternative for any integration requirements you may have. When it comes to customer financing, ServiceTitan is the most reliable alternative available today.