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Way to boost up metabolism rate

Way to boost up metabolism rate 

Way to boost up metabolism rate

Now a days, everyone of us are busy even children also and we have no time for ourselves.  Thats why, we and our body suffer a lot.

Our metabolism rate goes down. Thats why, we can’t eat our food properly. We suffer from aci-dities and also obesities.

we have no time for gym so, we need some kind of easy and short way to regain our body and strength. So that you can live your life happily and healthily.

I will suggest you some easy and effective ways. That will help you a lot. Then, I will start to give you some tips.

First of all, you have to change your water drink-ing habit. You have to drink water before 20/30 minutes ago of your eating and after 20/30 min-utes .

After that, you have to have your dinner before 8:30pm because when the night becomes deeper our metabolism rate became slower. Also you have to have your dinner 3 hours ago before sleep.

 In this way, your food digestion system will be better slowly. With this, you have to figure out 30/20 minutes time for yoga.

You can also do yoga at office or school in your rest time. But you have to bear in mind that you can’t do yoga after taking food. At least 2 hours later of taking food, you have to do yoga.

For yoga I can suggest you a YouTube video that’s really effective. You can have a try, 

For boost up your digestion, you can also try green tea that’s really work. It will also fell you energetic and freshen up your mood. I don’t need to tell the benefits of green . You can get it from many websites.

You also need to take a walk after your food taking it helps to increase metabolism rate and also decrease obesity. I hope it will help you.
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